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One little thing at the time

One goal at the time

This is my goal page,  it is not completed yet and it will probably change with time. I will write the date each time I’ll reach a goal.



Date reached


20 pounds lost

188 pounds

January 16/22

Buy a Fitbit

25 pounds lost


183 pounds

February 13

Getting my daughter and I a haircut


30 pounds lost


178 pounds

April 6

Buy some hand-weight


Start walking outside while my daughter rides her bike


35 pounds lost

173 pounds

May 9

Bought a new house for july so it will be my reward for now


40 pounds lost

168 pounds

25 december 2012

 Got a treadmill

45 pounds lost

163 pounds

I am re-starting at 44 lost so I am skipping this reward 


50 pounds lost

158 pounds


 Have a date night with hubby(babysitter)

55 pounds lost

153 pounds


 Order some paint

60 pounds lost

148 pounds



65 pounds lost

143 pounds


Pants and top

70 pounds lost

138 pounds


Trip back home

73 pounds lost

135 pounds


Get new clothes


2 thoughts on “One goal at the time

  1. thetimeformeisnow on said:

    I love this, I need to think of mine, and then I am totally stealing this.

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