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Well another week started and I cannot say that I am fully awake right now and I will probably need a second coffee to wake me some more or for moral support lol

So I weighed in Sunday after I slept in until 10am and I have lost 0.4 kilo/0.9 pound since last weekend. It brings me at 75.6 kilos/167 pounds. Not even a pound but I am still happy about it. I did not log any food this weekend. Saturday I felt so hungry and ate maybe a little more than I should have but I didn’t eat that much Sunday and did not snack in between meals because I was not hungry so it should get even.

Have a good week!

Under calorie goal…


Tough day!

imageI am just exhausted! I had that toddler in my care since early December and he has still not adjusted to my daycare. In the morning I have 3 choice: Hear him scream, having him on me or sitting him in a baby chair with a show on. I used to put some nursery rimes video for him but now that my internet connection is bad I cannot.

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1 kilo down

Ok…I weighed in Saturday and was  more than a kilo down from 3 days before…I know, I still have my doubts or am sure I am going to gain back some because it’s a lot for only a few days. Maybe because I had my period it made a big difference but I was shocked. I changed the batteries with new ones after and weighed myself again to make sure and it only made +0.1 kilo difference so it must have been right.

So I didn’t log any food this week end either but didn’t go crazy either, I kept my portion normal and wasn’t very hungry really. My excuse is that it is good practice for when I will be in maintenance phase lol

I must confess that I ate a few pieces of chocolate and a bit of caramel too and I didn’t move much except for vacuuming.

I am learning to knit with needles. I knitted before on looms but I would love to be able to make something useful. I am slow and my hand hurts a bit but I find it so relaxing. It’s like sitting down and doing nothing without the guilt. I made a few dishcloth so far nothing extravagant lol

Have a good week!

Good morning!

Wednesday I did really good with the food…I had like 500 cal left

Thursday not so good but…I was over by 250 cal…

I think some of the calories is because I took generic food to count my calories instead of taking the time to work it out myself but you know when it’s 10pm I don’t have much will power left and since my internet connection has been bad lately I cannot do it as I go when I am in the day care. I just thought it was better to put more than not counting them at all.

It looks like I keep forgetting to eight in when I am getting up …I just remember after my coffee then it’s too late. Anyway Have a good Friday!

Back to it


Monday’s stats


Tuesday’s stats


So far I think I am doing better today but we will see that tomorrow. Finally I was able to weigh in which is one thing that used to keep me accountable and it did not move but I have been over my goal most of the time so I didn’t expect much anyway and no gain is not too bad. 77.3 kilos/170 pounds. so it’s show almost 1 kilo lost but since I weigh in in afternoon at first it’s hard to say if there is any change at all.

My back is feeling great today and it makes me want to exercise but I will ask my physical therapist tonight what I should do.

We are having such a weird weather at the moment its +7 with horrible strong wind and it’s melting our nice snow playground that we had made outside in the yard. I bet the weather guy is just waiting for us to smell spring to shoot a –30 at us.

My daughter seems to be happy to be back at taekwondo and she gave 110% last night. I am very proud of her! When I look at those other kids who don’t listen and run around like if nothing was happening it doubles the pride!

Half the week is done only 2 more days for the weekend(only for some of us unfortunately


No calorie tracking this weekend

Saturday’s stats


Sunday’s stats


I stopped calorie tracking Saturday because I made a big and very healthy stir-fry with lots of veggies and did not want to spend 30 minutes trying to figure out how many calories was in my portion. Instead I portioned my rice and didn’t worry about the stir-fry. Didn’t log anything Sunday either, just out of laziness.

So was going to weigh myself this morning but I moved some furniture around this weekend and must have unplugged the Wii so I did not have time this morning to move the everything and plug it back. I’ll do it tonight. I am back at logging my food.

So for those of you that cooks family dinner, do you take the time to count and portion to know how many calories you are eating? I used to do it, for every single bit(when I was not working that is) but now I don’t have that kind of extra time anymore.

Monday is hard!!Even the little ones were all super tired today and are now napping YES!

Have a good week!

Rest day…

Saturday finally! I slept in, and got up made breakfast, had 2 coffee while watching “the rise of the guardians” with my daughter. Then I played ponies for about 45 minutes. I only have about 500 steps done compare to my 5000 that I usually have by this time of the day. It’s ok it’s the weekend.

Here are my stats of yesterday. I have absolutely nothing else to say for now. Enjoy your Saturday everyone!


Taekwondo night


So yesterday we went back at my daughter’s taekwondo class and they made me chase the kids. I was not going to volunteer to help out but since my back wasn’t too bad I couldn’t help it and it made my princess happy so I did it and got a bit of a work out. The thing with it is that you never know what they’ll have you do! It was a fun night for us and it’s important because my daughter was reluctant to go back at the class after so long.

My back is stiff today and I am going back to physio tonight so I should be better next Yay! Have a good weekend everyone!

Yesterdays stats


Ok…so I thought I was going to be over my calories but it looks like going outside with the kids is paying off both with more active time and keeping my sanity.

The snow has been here since early December and stayed. We haven’t gone outside much during the fall but now the toddler are all walking good so its different. We made trails in the yard with the snow blower so they can walk easily otherwise they would just be stuck and would cry.

I am just waiting for them to wake up from nap and after snack we are heading outside again. Its only –1 c. so it’s too good to stay indoor.

I weighed in this morning and it showed a little gain but really I know I haven’t done too good with the food and it will take some time getting use to doing it again.

Friday tomorrow YES!

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