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2 out of 4


1- Turned my computer off at 12h00 which is an improvement of 1h30 from the day before.

2- Was under goal and so was I the day before. I was really happy about it because it makes me feel like more confident that I can put myself back on track.

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What kind of packer are you?

Are you a heavy-packer, a forgetful-packer or a last-minute-packer? Maybe you are more of a light-packer, a let-my-wife-do-it-packer or a write-a-list-first-packer?

What the heck are you talking about?

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Meet Shadowrun

How did I meet Shadowrun? First she was commenting like all of you, then she started to compare her journey with mine giving thoughtful advice and support. Even if I once thought that internet friends were not real, I have learned that they are real friend and Shadowrun became one.  I couldn’t help it but ask her to share her successful journey with us so we can all benefit from someone who have been there. Here she is… 

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I am so happy! I asked someone to guest-post on my blog and she accepted! YAY! I was thinking about it for while but like usual was scared to be rejected, I am happy that I overcame that fear and it turn out to be very positive because she is going to guest-post but even better…oh I can’t tell right now because I want it to be a surprise! No seriously it’s already started because I only have to click “publish” and it’s out there for you guys to enjoy. She will be contributing to my blog regularly and I cannot wait to read her posts. Stay tuned it’s coming soon!

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I love to paint but I am not an artist, I could say that I have an artistic temper( I have been told) but it is not necessary a compliment. Where I live apart from the –35 Celsius , the amount of snow and the 6 months that winter last there another inconvenient.

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I know that I have been focusing more about details of my weight loss journey lately. It has a lot to do with the fact that I have trouble finding my balance through all of that. Somehow it seems that I have lost focus and confidence along the way.

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Under goal

Good morning, as I am writing this I am in bed it’12h30 and I am under my calorie goal of 1410 calories a day. Today I had 1310 calories and only a spoonful of ice cream. I have burned about 250 calories shuffling snow and I am about to turn this computer off to have a good night of sleep. I have been following my rules for 2 days loll. It a start to get back on track. It is just a quick post and I have nothing else to say for now loll.


It’s 2h34 am now and I am still awake…I had time to think about it and I have figured out that the last to nights before I did not have a latté in the afternoon but yesterday I did so this is what has kept me awake those past weeks. Why didn’t I see that before?

The count down has started


In a week, me and my family will be off to sunny Queensland. It will be nice to have access to an ocean and some sun and warm weather. It will be the perfect change from Alberta and I wish it would be for more than a holiday but that’s another story.

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When right is wrong and wrong is right…

Yesterday I went to sleep at 12h30 and was 150 calories over goal. I did a huge work out with good intensity and this morning I took 2 pounds. All week I have eaten stuff like ice cream and cookies, being like 400 calories over goal , not working out and I was losing weight. Go figure it out…it a bit upsetting but mainly it send a weird message to my brain that I do my best to ignore :eat crap+ no exercise = losing, eat healthy+lots of exercise= gain. I know that I could not go on with the first equation and keep losing but it makes motivation harder. Don’t worry I am not giving up on myself!

Attempt at following my own rules

I chopped the French shallots then cooked them in butter. I added some white wine and let it reduce. Added some cream, salt and pepper and let it boil. The fettuccine were ready by then so I put some in the pan, added some Reggiano Parmigiano (parmesan), stirred it and served it. I could smell the yumminess!

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