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My Fitness Pal or Calorie count?

I had a weird day yesterday trying out those tools and giving a go at counting calories. I am very new to this.

For lunch I had a small burritos with a cucumber and avocado salad just with lemon juice and salt. The combination was delicious but…

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In search to find the best solution for myself

Like I mention before I am not starting the “journey” yet. First I am doing some research for tools to help me succeed. I try to analyse myself to know what’s the best way to take.

Yesterday I joined MyFitnessPal and Calorie Count to try them out and see which one is going to be the best for me. I am also trying to count calories with those to see if it’s something that I can do constantly or if it would be too much hassle.

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Wii Fit Review

What I like about it:

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20 reasons to cut sugar out

Well about 6 months ago I had to give up milk product. Life without milk was hard at first because I used to enjoy a latté from our Gaggia machine every morning. It took me a month to get use to it when I finally found the right replacement ( organic Natur-a unsweetened soy milk).

I never realised before that cow milk was so sweet but when you change to soy you can really tell the difference! I needed 2 tsp. of sugar now instead of 1! I know it’s a lot. Recently I have cut it back to 1 tsp. only, I’ll get use to it and I will cut some more out.

Here is a great blog with an interesting post about the effect of sugar on health and 20 more reasons to cut sugar out as much as possible: Effects of Sugar on our Health « L-Jay Health.

Food groups: How many portions should you have?

I was looking at food on the internet again…something healthy though! I came upon this blog with good sandwich fillings ideas. There is this post: Are sandwiches healthy? that includes a good healthy recipe and also talks about a tool to help you know how many portions for each food groups you should have per day considering your gender and your age.  It tells you what is a portion  so it makes it easier to plan your meals according to what you should eat per day.

Is self control the key to get and stay healthy?

Like I said in my previous post I don’t like to exercise too much so it’s hard for me to keep at it. Another thing about me is that I love food! I love pastries and I often have craving for sweet things. I used to work as a chef in restaurant so even if I decide not to buy any biscuit, I can just decide to make some because I love to bake too!

So I guess the only way to help myself is to learn…

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How to make yourself exercise?

I find it very hard to exercise just for the sake of it. I kind of need another purpose than getting healthy to keep it up. If I look at my life I can see that when I was the most “in shape” it was because I was forced to exercise. I’ll explain…

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