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Home made yogurt

yogurt makerI have that memory of my Mom giving me a little yogurt and asking me if I wanted a spoonful of strawberry jam in it. I was 4 years old and used to love the yogurt she was making. Back then everything was made at home and it tasted so good. So I always knew how to make yogurt with my Mom’s recipe but last year I bought my own yogurt maker. Just like my Mom with individual little jar. Now I am making the yogurt with my daughter, who knows maybe she can continue our little tradition with her own daughter one day.

We always made the yogurt the easy way, just mixing the ingredients together and pouring it in the yogurt maker jars. The other day I was looking for a different recipe to try.  I  found those sites that says to warm up the milk at 180 F and let it cool down t 110 F, then you mix the yogurt ( or culture) and poor it in the yogurt maker. So today I took my Mom’s recipe(not so different finally) and did it their way to see if I would get a firmer yogurt from it. I will update in 2 days to share the result.

What I thought was interesting about these sites was the fact that these guys give a way to do it without a yogurt maker so everybody can try it. They just use 2 pots and a warming pad or a gas oven. They also use simple ingredient: Milk and yogurt. I use low-fat Greek yogurt with real ingredient in it for my starter. If you want to try it, just make sure the ingredient on the yogurt contains active culture.

Here is my Mom’s yogurt recipe

I use a “jar” of the yogurt maker as a measuring cup so let’s say 1 jar is about= 3/4 cup

1 jar of active culture yogurt You can keep some of your home-made yogurt for your next starter.

1 can of carnation milk(evaporated milk)

4 jar of milk

Poor in the yogurt maker and leave it in for the night. Store in the fridge the morning after and serve when it has cooled down with a little honey, jam or brown sugar. I can’t normally have milk but I can tolerate a yogurt every now and then.

If you don’t have a yogurt maker you can do it the way they describe it at how to make yogurt or at yogurt everyday. It’s really worth a try especially if you want to stay away from those weird “milk pudding” that they dare call yogurt.


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10 thoughts on “Home made yogurt

  1. I eat yogurt twice a day, usually. Once with breakfast, once with lunch. My recipe’s pretty simple: peel off the aluminum lid, lick the top, then dig in with a spoon. 😉
    So although I probably won’t try the yogurt recipe, especially without a yogurt maker, I do understand how fun it is to pass down traditions. Especially at Christmas time. I love to bake the things my mom used to bake.
    I do want to hear how your new recipe turns out, however. (And if you can show a picture of your yogurt maker, I’d be interested in seeing how it looks. I’ve never seen one before.)

    • loll I don’t expect busy you to try to make yogurt, not right now anyway 😉 Let me look for a picture on the internet since I ordered it there. 🙂

    • There is now a photo of my yogurt maker on the post, have a look 🙂 My Mom use to have a 70’s green one loll

      • My first thought was that it looked like the hot rollers that my mom used to use in her hair. 🙂 I honestly have never seen or heard of it before. Thanks for taking the time to find a picture!!

      • loll It does have a retro look to it! You should see my Mom’s one(that still works by the way). it only took a few minutes to find the picture so I guess it makes me a lazy blogger because I could have found it before and it make you a blog improvement person because my post looks nicer now 😉

  2. I have one of those, and I do like the results. Well I did with the initial culture packet I bought. The second one was a different brand, and not so good. Weirdly though I think the homemade one from that yogurt maker actually tastes best about 4 days after making it. It might be because it has set up a little better. I might try your mom’s recipe next time I make some.

  3. Homemade yogurt sounds so yummy!

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