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Hands in dirt

This morning I did some cleaning, packed a few boxes and started to make lunch. I had this pork tenderloin de-frosting so I decided to marinate to make kebabs. I mixed coconut, rice vinegar, mirin, oil, garlic, cardamom, coriander, orange zest. Basically everything I could think of and puréed it with the bar mix. I put it on the kebabs with pieces of pineapple(note to myself: use fresh instead of tin pineapple next time). It didn’t hold very well on the kebab but the meat was delicious. I made a basmati rice with the juice of the pineapple and some orange zest mixed in when it was cooked. I also made zucchini and mushroom kebabs for the veggies. A nice family meal and a big mess.

This afternoon I finally planted my flowers and vegetables in the garden beds because I think there is little chance for a frost now…hopefully!

I love gardening! It is hard work but for that same reason it liberates my mind from everything else and end up being very relaxing despite lifting bags of dirt, digging and ripping the skin off my hands. After a few hours I came back inside the house muddy, freezing cold wet(I am missing a washer on the hose) but very happy! I had a “rinse the mud off” shower and hydrated my hand but it feels like I have sand glued on the tip of my fingers. Maybe I should dip them in oil loll Gloves and I are not best friends even if I have nothing against them, I just never think about putting them on. Too bad for me!


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3 thoughts on “Hands in dirt

  1. I used to fight gloves too, but finally surrendered. Much easier on the hands.
    Your kabobs sound delicious!! And I have to agree with the fresh pineapple… so much better. Is it in season way up there?
    I can’t believe you’re still worrying about frost. It’s been unseasonably HOT down here. NOT that I’m complaining. 🙂

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